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martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

Last generation biocompatible PMMA needs high microspheres manufacturing standards

Author: Dr. I. LeMarquis from the Bioplasty International Center

Medical techniques and expertise in the sculpting process bioplasty involves, cannot be decreased in importance since the impeccable and most neat performance of the procedure focuses on the deep PMMA inner micro spheres placement and outer volume and contouring of softer tissues at the same time.

The use of a legal and officially approved PMMA brand in Colombia is our guarantee of the legitimacy of a substance produced to stand apart from potential health risks associated to silicone injections and low quality chemically produced substances that do not meet standards.

Microspheres of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) have been implanted in human body for long, yet only recent years brought us the final answer as far as aesthetic improvement is concerned. Artecoll developed in Germany in 1994 by professor Gottfriend has widely spread in Europe, South America and Canada; complications as such are very rare, negative rate is practically nonexistent, in orthopedic surgery satisfactory records are simply amazing.

The process for producing PMMA microspheres is extremely unique being that it aims to generate perfectly round microspheres which are totally free of contamination; this is very important since only exceptionally smooth surfaces will promote rapid encapsulation by collagen and patient’s own self defense mechanisms to isolate a foreign visitor. It is theorized microspheres that lack the process where they are brought into exact sizes, large enough to avoid migration and phagocytosis yet sufficiently small as to pass through infiltration cannulas, are bound to end up in failure.

Substances that have not engaged with excellence will often be found in underground brands which use materials that are produced under poor manufacturing standards commonly tempted by financial benefits, putting aside the relevance perfectly smooth PMMA microspheres’ surfaces have within the whole context involved in bioplasty.

Irregular spheres, smaller sizes than needed, sharp edges produced by non-selective enough and poor chemical processes, will derive into obvious lesser quality substances which surely will also lack approval and official health certification; however equally reaching people under different speeches and statements.

PMMA microspheres will remain deeply placed at inner gluteus anatomical planes forming a mesh-like inner interconnection of soft tissues growth, i.e. connective tissue formation cushioned and amalgamated through vector substance’s presence.
Vector substances on the other hand, are another subject to be cautious about since a variety of them ranging from silicone gel to biopolymers and plain H2O solution are common among underground brands.

Vehicles used in Artecoll and Juvederm suffer fast resorption, whilst on the other hand, collagen and hyaluronic compounds are not really adequate for large muscles groups’ enhancement and augmenting, where a much more dense substance is needed along with longer permanence in the body too.

Carboxymethylcellulose is a biocompatible vehicle that holds high durability and cohesiveness properties to the extent of being considered a superior quality permanent filler.

Several years of optimum results is the normal final turnout Bioplasty offers; carrier substance lasting a long time rather than one or two years, is crucial not only to comply with patient’s most evident expectations, but for the perfect integration of both PMMA microspheres and outer superficial levels where tissues retraction, resorption, aging, volume loss, sinking areas, low muscles development, are mostly evident.

Carboxymethylcellulose makes an outstanding vehicle since, not only volume and shape are kept intact for longer periods of time, but also carrier being highly cohesive itself, will add and maintain a perfect balance between PMMA implantation, amalgamating and cushioning inner and outer anatomical planes for an optimum integration of the whole context.

Fast resorbed substances’ manufacturers claim inner connective tissue encapsulation is sufficient to generate outer treated areas relevance too, stating once carrier vehicle biodegrades, procedure will have sufficient body in itself as to cover a role impossible to be met through PMMA microspheres implantation only; expecting volume and corrections mostly evidenced at superficial levels to be solved out by connective tissue formation is not quite feasible in our opinion.

sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Buttock Injections

Author: Dr. Luis Dario Barrios from the Bioplasty International Center

Right since buttocks emerged from the bottom of earth to occupy headlines everywhere in the world, derriere has become a shiny star at the scenarios where women and men will exhibit their most amazing back sides.
People no longer will possibly settle comfortable with a poor and humble gluteus look therefore efforts are inevitable to getting the Latin fashionable body that people ambition these days.
Youngsters however are foreign to what the silicone era meant, from the 50’s when transgendered began feminizing their bodies; young guys did not live debacle we did then, they are not concerned with history yet they fail to realize the exactly same enemy is threatening them today.
Liquid silicone in those days did not particularly have any other considerations than blowing up, inflating areas as per clients wish. No medical issues or research on health risks was ever an issue to even think twice in those days. It is thought thousands died, an obscure era of discrimination, guilt and taboo left us a dark tradition to be ashamed of.
A continent producing addictive substances after all, where silicone makes another one in the list. Permissive laws and lax regulations have for long sponsored silicone production to continue being commercialized all over the world, why not say it?
Buttock injections refer to silicone being injected in the human body and this difference people must have clear.
Back in those days silicone injections used to be the only one Diva at parades everywhere, no other substances could be called “the stuff” since there was not any other to compete against. It was the silicone kingdom of all times. Airplane fuel, baby oil, paraffin oil used to be the cheaper version of the same crime, for the lesser wealthy…
Not reading much, not being bothered is the typical attitude these days among young guys “searching” for the objects of their desires. This careless way of looking at things has been capitalized by silicone dealers up to our present days!! Benefits silicone producers obtains decade after decade reinventing themselves new, renovating the speech, dressing up as something else has forever been the great success a marketing machinery behind this dangerous substance to have injected freely in the human body, has set out to get and maintain updated, a multi-millionaire criminal business!
Propaganda and publicity is restless, they have no ethics whatsoever, people at chats and forums post their naïve conclusions, sharing with others their absurd and astonishing deductions under false assumptions silicone injections are another valid option to be considered when buttocks augmentation needs to be done! Others will state silicone and PMMA is exactly the same thing!
These are some of the truths made up artificially at silicone’s image labs to be projected into the world and quickly become “the new best products for buttocks”. Price is cheap, no medical complications, done at your home, buttocks volume as per your wish! Warning is taken as an offense by superficial clients dumbed by low prices and fake promises.
Biopolymers some years ago was another marketing bomb these marginal dealers blew up, their propaganda shouted out loud “expansive cells” were the best. The key is transforming their actual identity into a good impersonating effort pretending to be a high quality substances, like PMMA for example, which is trendy due to its high quality, produced after many years research.
This way they generate business for their criminal organization and much confusion for others. It’s the way a clandestine organization operates to place their forever same product (silicone) at the highest levels of exposure where last generation legitimate substances are displayed. They appear as the alternative, they claim to be exactly the same thing than substances being presented to the world as the result of years of research and developments.
Criminals count on young adults’ lack of interest in studying actual facts; it works on their favor to be able to getting into various places their typical scamming passing through not being detected. Their false statements are designed by marketing experts who actually convince and manipulate a vast quantity of young people these days.
In the field of biocompatible filling substances, major advances have been made into intelligent units of PMMA generating productive and friendly interaction with the human body, tiny exo-elements like micro capsules to produce inner tissue growth encouragement are in first position. Cohesive PMMA vehicle overcomes altogether one the most dangerous effects of silicone when injected in the body thus trespassing cellular barriers getting substance migrating freely.
Unlike silicone, PMMA buttocks bioplasty, which is the medical technical term to refer to an external Bio element to friendly interact with human body for a cosmetic purpose Plasty. Bioplasty in no way resembles what silicone produces at inner anatomical levels, nor can we continue to allow confusion to grab our minds, let us get it clear Bioplasty is a unique medical technique for buttocks volume replacement, gluteus mass loss recovery or construction, sculpting and molding treated areas which unlike silicone that will inflate only, does not cause adverse reactions and it behaves intelligently not just a dead weight resting everywhere inside our bodies, from vital organs to where ever migrated to.
For long wanted properties silicone does not have, long research led to stepping above main issues silicone produces in the human body, for long focusing on the various problems a free silicone injection generates and took a lot of people to death, for silicone operators now shamelessly declare “silicone is actually same as PMMA” most absurd conclusions are fired away by these criminal operators in their endless efforts to maintain their money making machinery working smoothly. They squeeze into best products’ platforms of presentation to the medical community, popping out immediately in blind defense of their falsified statements without a single shadow of a guilt, just as it is with drugs, no particular concerns about you and your health need to be anticipated, this is for grown up adults…so they say.
Silicone once again getting hold of the scenarios impersonating PMMA in order to survive the chaos they would face up to if actually saying silicone is back! Silicone is present it has always been, it never went anywhere, it has for ever been around working hard to create the idea of disappearance, making up the idea silicone was left way back in the past, they lie from beginning to end.
Therefore, in view of this evidence, brain washing, motivational and far reaching “educational” policies, silicone will keep up to their attempts to surviving last technology advances that threat their existence despite how disciplined and insisting they may be. Criminal organizations are exactly that, criminals.
Once we accept the object of our desires it’s a feasible, safe and realistic procedure to be considered as a serious option, Bioplasty by PMMA is no doubt the number one procedure backed by outstanding successful records, fame and glory behind it, vast experience in a mixture of medical skills in conjunction with a last generation formula are behind this unique answer for the buttocks enhancement boom. Sufficiently attractive proposal, totally genuine and free from propaganda and false statements, Bioplasty by PMMA will get you running after this option, just make sure you will not be running after the reminiscences of a silicone inflating tradition which still co-exists with us nowadays, born way back in the years 50’ in South America yet still crawling for oxygen for survival.
Unless some level of skepticism prevails in some of you as to realize other sources of information could be more solid and scientific than all of these fantasized proposals coming from the silicone masters, the chance of actually getting Bioplasty performed on you is nonexistent.
Upon last generation tissue fillers began developing, gaining adepts, having successful records, reaching high up at the pedestal of honor deserved, overcoming most common dangers behind -silicone, a rain of fantasy names biofill, biogel, hydrogel, viscogel, poligel, expansive cells popped out like worms!
Double speech from people demanding to have “LEGIT” PMMA whilst being entertained by silicone dealers is common these days. All that matters is quick tempting proposals no matter what. Unfortunately educational level is poor, nobody is really concerned about boring medical explanations, why bother? “All I want is a big butt” “if I could pay as little as possible it would be great!”

viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

What does bioplasty or buttock injections mean?

Author: Dr. Luis Dario Barrios from the Bioplasty International Center

This technique entirely developed in South America aims to replace muscular mass loss, shaping, defining and contouring major muscles groups in order to building back volume deficiencies that produce poor aesthetics. The logics behind this successful technique are simple and coherent at the same time. Not just a matter of filling specific areas with any substance but issues related to proper type of substance in terms of biocompatibility (no side effects), biodegradability to take place very slowly within time (long lasting procedures) and micro spheres of PMMA contained in the formula generating immune responses against foreign particles thus boosting up the formation of fibrous inner tissues to isolate the “visitors”.
Bioplasty also known as “buttock injections by PMMA” or “buttock augmentation” is a technique with a variety of applications in the human body, it works extremely well both in face and body sculpting to provide immediate corrections and replace volume loss.
What marks the difference between tissue fillers in general and a specially designed formula for buttock and major muscles groups purposes is the PMMA factor which is essential in the path row to real Bioplasty since any substance will not produce the needed interaction nor will induce body to activate its own fibrous tissues mechanisms in order to deliver a long lasting procedure with very natural characteristics within a minimally invasive medical approach.
Take collagen for example, its thin liquid like formula with no stay in elements as to prevent it from fading away rapidly, makes a clear instance in which a tissue filler passes by our body leaving us with nothing after a while.
Hydrogels are mainly indicated for face corrections due their thin and low consistency formula. A bunch of Hydrogel brands such as Aqua-mid which is the original brand from Denmark and other various clones of it such as Argiform made in Russia and Bio-Alcamid made in Italy plus few others are used mainly in face volume loss replacement, mainly thought to correct soft tissue depressions and lines, still they are to be considered as original formulas yet not necessarily FDA approved but all of them are endorsed by the government health agencies in their countries of origin complying with all their regulations.
Last generation substances designed for large muscular groups on the other hand, are not only extremely ductile as to allow molding and sculpting but the innovation put into them results into non migrating substances due to the mesh like ability to staying together, i.e. highly cohesive substances that do not split into pieces as to derive into blood stream.
In Colombia Metacorp is the only existing copy of Metacrill from Brazil which is extremely expensive, US$ 40-50 per cc thus getting bioplasty to be restricted in amount needed to achieve final results properly due to prohibited prices. For example a 200cc (100cc per side) is far too little and price ranges from 12 to 15.000 American Dollars including professional fees. These prices get doctors in Brazil prevented from offering immediate volume replacement but rather placing PMMA beads at set places as their main and obliged concern.
Metacorp is duly certified and approved by our official Food & Drugs Administration, only for sale among certified doctors.
The reconstruction of features, soft tissues resorption and muscular quality and volume loss finds the perfect ally in bioplasty by PMMA due to the versatility of lab designed substances for face and body sculpting achieving goals that reach further than simply filling.
The answer for people to becoming engaged with bioplasty proposals is found in the immediate results and the extremely easy going take and go concept widely appreciated by people everywhere these days. Surgery is postponed altogether and people are finding easier ways out to solve their specific problems.